Code of Conduct

Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs India (SAE) members recognize the importance of our investments and related activities in affecting the livelihoods of others and the reputation of the chapter and that of Stanford University. We accept a personal obligation to our peers and the communities in which we act to commit ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct befitting a member of the Stanford family-

Every member of SAE is required to formally agree to this Code of Conduct and is expected to follow it as much in spirit as in letter-

Any breach of this Code shall be sufficient grounds for terminating the member from SAE without limiting the rights of the group, any member, or any other affected party to pursue the member in breach for his/her actions and as per the governing laws that are applicable. A Vigilance Committee has been set up to adjudicate on such breaches on behalf of the governing board and the members of SAE.

Each member shall comply with the following Code of Conduct in respect of any SAE related activity in which the member is an actual or prospective investor or advisor: